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Has anyone switched from Atripla to Stribild?

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I'd like to find out what people experience when they switched from Atripla to Stribild.  What prompted the switch?  Was Atripla causing sleep disorders, or gastrointestinal problems?  Have the issues disappeared since taking Stribild? Any new issues? 

Eager to hear about your experiences, even if you've only switched a few days ago. 



I just switched and all I can say is thank god.

Being on the meds is a real pain in the ass.  The buzz in the head I had with atripla gave me terrible sleep and was a constant reminder of my health issue...  I swtiched to Complera... No head buzz but I was soo tired and depresssed all the time.... and my lower sides hurt.  I was upset I switched and went back to atripla... forgetting how much it messed with my head.. After a month back on atripla the head buzz seemed worse... I had stopped smoking pot which helped put me to sleep and begged my doctor to go back to complera....  Again hit with the effects of that I got even more depressed.  I constantly thought of going off my meds...  The last time I went into the doctors they gave me the quad. 

I cant believe how great I feel.  Its like not being on anything at all.. I have no head buzz... and dont feel like sleeping in all day either.... I was at my local cafe this morning and I had a blast telling jokes with my usual waiter... We ended up laughing so hard and that was when it hit me...I almost started to cry.. I really feel like my life is going to be ok and improve for the first time in over a year.

Its a shame that they are charging more for this, no one should have to deal with the side effects of atripla or complera. Hopefully the cost will come down over time and newer and even better medications will come out, and of course we all hope and demand a cure!  But for now I am very happy this pill came out.. 

I just switched so if anything changes ill give an update.

Thanks for sharing, Todd. Glad to hear that there hasn't been adverse side effects during the switch, and that you feel like you're out of the fog...and back to your former self.

Yeah, I'd greatly appreciate updates if you don't mind, to help me, and possibly others make an informed decision about requesting a switch.

All the best in the New Year.

I wasn't on Atripla but did switch from Isentress/Truvada to Stribild.  I can honestly say my insomnia (caused probably by Isentress) has all but resolved.

Denver Toad:
Betty say it aint so!!! I too am on Isentress and have major insomnia issues. I won't take any narcotic type of sleep aid, it doesn't matter how tired I am, instead I lie and stare at the ceiling. I've tried melatonin, benadryl, meditation, and white noise. No success with any of them.

I've read anecdotal stories of Isentress causing insomnia and brought it up with my ID Dr. He pretty much dismissed it as internet hype. However he's been pushing me to get on Stribild from Isentress. If the co-pay wasn't so high I would. I'm going to have dig deeper about co-pay assistance or similar. What I wouldn't give for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.


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