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Elevated Liver Enzymes - Ideas?

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Liver labs have always confused me.  My liver doc said many experts believe the range of normal needs to be adjusted down, back to where they were in the 90's, according to him.  He said 30 was the upper limit of normal back then.  I was surprised when he told me my liver labs were elevated, even though they were within the normal range. 

But, here's something interesting.  My labs were often at the high end of normal.  They switched labs to LabCorp and my numbers are at the very low end of normal.  This has to do with the lab.  I've had no change in meds and never had hepatitis.  They were always at the high end and then with new lab at the low.  So, it makes me think there is wiggle room, and as Newt pointed out usually nothing to worry about, unless really high. 


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