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Drug testing for welfare recipients

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Jeff G:
The whole thing is counter intuitive . Drug testing people on assistance is just another swipe by the GOP at the people who they identify as wanting stuff from the government .

Its true some people have drug problems and are on assistance but they may also be people who get sick or have children that need to be fed , so the requirement that you must test and be drug free is going to cause collateral damage to those few family's who get kicked off assistane for food stamps and medicaid .

 I read that the legislation allows people who fail the drug test to get rehab at the expense of medicaid . Its my hope that if this law is passed any one who has a drug problem and wants rehab but cant afford it goes and applies for food stamps just to get the free rehab ... that will teach the fuckers .

thunter34: other GENIUS piece of legislation in Georgia.

If you are ever convicted of a drug crime in Georgia - that means even busted with a little pot just once - you lose the ability to get food stamp assistance FOR LIFE.

Bear in mind that a paroled murderer can still get it.  Child molesters can still get it.

But not Johnny who happened to get popped on his way back from a Grateful Dead concert back in the early 90's.

The real aim of all that is to cut off minorities mostly, but still it carries over to everyone.  But of course, it's more likely to be the minority pops who can't afford proper representation to avoid getting really popped in court.

They are then left not only with no food stamp support, but an almost insurmountable hill to climb to get any meaningful employment ever.  So in desperation, they often...sell drugs.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.


--- Quote from: leatherman on November 19, 2012, 02:30:32 PM ---

the war on drugs has never worked and random, pre-employment, and before-receiving-benefit testing is all a waste of time, money, and human dignity.

--- End quote ---

Here, here!

Miss Philicia:
I think you're all missing the point about this stuff. It's actually about money, meaning that the state contracts out to a private company, the owner of same is a Republican donor, and it all ends up costing the tax payer more than any supposed drug user/welfare recipient costs. And then the side benefit of doing this drug testing is that it panders to a certain segment of voters that are obsessive about fictitious Cadillac-driving welfare queens.

It's like the uptick of private contractors for Pentagon work during the Cheney-Rove Junta.

I don't think we're missing the point.  I think it's ALL these points plus your's.


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