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Another ID appointment today and got the GenoSure results


Hello everyone,
Been a few weeks since I last posted.  Saw the ID today and got the and got my GenoSure results today.  Thankfully I have no resistance mutations.  There are a few drugs that have a code next to them and did not even see them until after I got home. 
Atazanavir - D60E
Tipranavir - 113V

Does anyone know what these mean?  It was another round of 4 vials being drawn and I am to call in a few weeks for the results, or they will call if anything is out or the ordinary. 

Since I am on Complera I had read an article about how effective it could be if your viral load was over 100,000.  Mine was 168,240 when last tested and the ID said that when the VL was over 100,000 a lot of meds will not be as effective until the VL comes down.   At least I got a break and I do not not have to go back for another 3 months.

So we will see how the3 labs look when they come back.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Stanford maintains a resistance database at
You can enter your codes and it will tell you the resistance patterns associated with each. not confer any real resistance.  So, you are good there. No worries.

Complera did show to have a greater risk of treatment failure in patients who started with a viral load greater than 100,000 when it was compared to Atripla for that treatment class.  The risk of failure was still small, but it was a real difference.  I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure your doctor is ware of that and will be monitoring you closely until you reach undetectable.

Which of course, you will be undetectable soon. Good luck

I would not worry to much I was well over the 100k when I started Complera and went UD in a mater of months.


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