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I Think This Story Is Approaching Epic ....Please Post this In Proper Forum

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--- Quote from: ilbcnutoo on November 19, 2012, 04:06:31 AM ---I anyone else have anything interesting going on?

--- End quote ---

um.....nope.  not even close to as interesting as that.  congratulations.

[b]proud fathers are always dying to show pictures

we're expected 6 inches of rain today. only 2 inches yesterday lol

oops. I thought I could post a photo or two

 On a positive note this morning I also corrected one of my least intelligent decisions this decade. A while ago I had the lame brain idea to pawn my nice car. seemed simple enough I thought but turned out a much more daunting task hen expected. I figured a bicycle wasn't the optimum mode of transportation  here in winter  [/b]


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