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Back in February i got "befriended" by some heroin addicts, in which i was completely drunk and ended up having a small amount of heroin injected through a shared needle. I gave my bank account number/card and they managed to withdraw all of it. As self-destruction went I was pretty good with alcohol but going down that line was going too far and hitting the self-destructive place that can't go any lower than injecting H brought an uplift. 

About 3 weeks later my left foot swelled and went red and purple and couldn't even walk on it - it was like walking on glass plus I couldn't even sleep under bed covers without pain. Not even exagerating the pain - was pretty much crippled but it went away after a week, though there's still pain with nerve endings or whatever it is, only on the left leg/foot/knee though, especially in the bath/shower and any other times when temperature rises or falls.

Have ordered a HIV home test from Mirates but for the past months have assumed that i may have it anyway. Problem is I may have Hepatitis C as well but can't get any home tests for that - in the country i live. The shared needle was from a proper old school junkie.

Guess i'll just have to wait for the Mirates test to come through the post.

Good luck in your life.

You had a risk of sharing works, but as for you foot pain, see a doctor. Please read the "Welcome" thread at the top of this forum.

Hi Mole

Just for your information, the Mirates Home test is not FDA approved.

That being said, the Netherlands for example have approved the test. According to my information the test seems to be sensitive (ability to catch antibodies) but not highly specific (can lead to false positives).

Therefore in case (what I donīt believe) the test indicates a positive result you must confirm it with a second antibody test (by a doctors office) and confirmation test.

If it is negative after the windowperiod you can be confident with the result.




You need to go to a doctor with your concerns. As a moderator here, I know what country you are posting from and I can tell you that you can test for both hiv and hep C confidentially and for free.

If your foot is the site of the injection, you need to get that seen to asap as it could lead to blood poisoning and all sorts of other very serious problems.

Stop messing around with trying to diagnose yourself and get to a doctor ASAP.


Hi, cheers for the replies.

The problem with my foot was it was just after, though that wasn't where the injection went and it had all the hallmarks of neuropathy. Even though the crippling stage went after a week there's still something wrong with the nerves.

Though you're right - get to a doctor! but I have agrophobia pretty bad and haven't left the house since June. Sent off for the Mirates kit last week so it should be here within a day or two so I may have to leave the house and get tested, depending on the result anyway- that will be the bigger ordeal rather than the actual test believe it or not, not that that's rational.


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