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Does anyone here bodybuild?

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Miss Philicia:
I don't work out and my body looks better than what I'm seeing here. Maybe we just need to see more visual proof. I know you girls can come up with something.

That said, in my younger days when I religiously went to the gym five days a week with a rigorous routine, my nickname was Barbara Biceps. Fortunately I didn't start working out having to lose weight from a life as a fattie, I was always trying to gain weight. I even use to fly to Miami with a cheap electric blender in my carry-on so I could make protein shakes in my hotel room. Not many people do that.

Hey there Milburn.....looking toned.  I used to be a serious work-out guy a few years back.  OK, maybe a few decades. LOL.  More cardio/machines these days for me but still enjoy the routine (physically and keeps my head straight too.)  Best to you. ;)

Studies at Tuffs University and others demonstrated quite convincingly that strength and muscle mass could be improved at virtually any age with resistance training. Earlier studies didn't push their older subjects as much as their younger study participants, consequently they didn't gain mass and strength accordingly. I'm pushing 60 but I'm still pumping iron. I use isotonic abdominal crunches to keep my abdomen flat.

In Columbus Ohio, where I had lived for awhile, my father and I would go to the down YMCA. My dad would kick everybodies asses (including my own) in racket ball or handball  and I would lift. I'll never forget this poster of an absolutely "ripped"  half naked, 75-80 year old man hanging on the wall. I hope I live long enough to become a similar man (plus you're more attractive to the younger guys and gals).

Advice as given by Milburn plus a physician's check up. Age appropriate tests such as a stress test may be necessary. I had to take a stress in order to use the gym at the VA.

I use Arnold's Schwarzenegger most excellent bodybuilding book as a general guide. These days I'm doing the 6 day split routine and jump on the bike trainer (It is winter here) if I can't make the gym. My preference has always been for free weights. During the summer I'll lay off the weights and bike and swim. It certainly helps if you are a little masochistic , you get out what you put into it. If it was easy everybody would be doing it. Good luck. 


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