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Does anyone here bodybuild?

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--- Quote from: Rev. Moon on January 17, 2013, 10:25:32 AM ---I'm curious.  When did "fat on steroids" become a new definition for "bodybuilder"?  Just wondering.

--- End quote ---

Is it really important to be antagonistic when I'm simply trying to become a member of this online community?  I have only answered questions openly and honestly, and some use that as an occasion to be catty and unnecessarily nasty.

How about we just coexist and embrace the fact that what we have in common is our desire to kick HIV's ass?


Left: May 31, 2012 (went from 225 lbs to 180 by Sept 1, purely through cardio & diet)

Right: Nov 20, 2012 (Increased to 200 pounds, weightlifting w/ supplementation.)

Hey Melburn You look good.  I am doing kettlebells and loving it three hours a week.  Also doing Brazilian jiu jitsu two times a week and loving it.   Am sore sometimes.  Am taking oregano oil two times a day in a capsule to keep me from getting staph from the mat.   Keep up the good work.

Hugs Bobby

Our gym just got some of those kettlebells, and I've watched some guys use them but I havent done so myself yet.  I'm too afraid I'll screw up and end up throwing one through the window or hurting myself! LOL!

I started with a weight smaller than the girls. In a short time moving up.  It is intense being done by a certified. Instructor. I am the second oldest in class.  The oldest is 68.  He goes from that class to a advanced jujitsu class.  I admire Him. 

Hugs Bobby


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