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Oh yeah... my hiv+ contacts through the years. Well, you know, people come and people go. I have mostly just lost touch with them. There are a few I know whom I can contact, and that will certainly be part of my plan. I haven't started thinking clearly about it all yet.  LOL

Well then it sounds like your HAART could be covered this year, since your recent tests will surely eat up the rest of that deductible. But then, you don't want to be in a pinch about how to afford the bills in the winter months to come...
Hmm. I'm guessing you will need some local and expert advice - I hope you can find someone soon via social worker, etc.

Hi Palliate,
Please check your PM inbox.


Welcome to the forums.  This site is a great alternative when you don't have "real life" friends to talk with about this.  It is great, even if you do.  You will learn more here than just about anywhere.  There is a forum here that deals with assistance programs. 

Wishing you all the best, as you come to terms with having the virus and navigating insurance issues.  I look forward to hearing more from you. 

Hey Palliate & welcome:

I am in a somewhat similar situation with regards to not having that many friends & family around to talk too about this. My POZ diagnoses was 1 year ago on 11/22/11, I was devastated. Walked out of the clinic on that Tuesday 2 days before Thanksgiving, it was cold foggy & rainy out. I put up my umbrella and just wondered the parking lot with tears streaming down my face. This was at 9:20 AM and I knew I had to man up and to go to work, just started a new job in Sept.

I am pretty much a loner and not into all the drama, never go to the gay bars and hell do not even have that many encounters with guys but, hey it happens. Not promiscuous and always play safe but some how it happend. My parents are 600 miles away and have never even told them that I am gay. some friends know but I usually keep to myself.

Fortunate I guess that I do not make as much $$$ as you so I qualified for State help. Did not have insurance when I started the new job so was eligible for aid & MADAP. The clinic I went to is sponsored by the state and they had programs that my case worker got me into. My health insurance was covered 100%, which is now $1925.00 per month as is my HIV drug Complera, retail price is $2538.99. I am truly blessed for this. Not sure if this pricing is the same across the country and would like to get some feed back on that, anyone. I live in a suburb of Washington DC, about 32 miles from the Capital.

I started Complera on 2/7/12, a little less than 3 months after diagnosis. No terrible effects other than the fact that I was tired and fatigued all the time, especially in the afternoons & early evenings. I witnessed no side effects from the meds other than a little gas, hey it is what it is. I did lose some weight before and shortly after diagnosis. I am 5'10 and was about 155 #, pretty main stream but, during the time of testing I went down to 128 #, that was hard to take, clothes did not fit, no appetite. The Dr's did great to treat the body but they did not help the mental anguish and feelings of fear, anger, depression, etc.

After a year I am feeling better at least physically, back up to 142# and eat normal meals. Jog 2 miles every morning, which I enjoy the peace and quiet. Still have not told my parents as they are from a small town in upstate NY. I do not think they would understand. A few close 3, friends know and that is about it. No one at work knows either but I am sure they suspect something due to all the Dr visits & time off. Yes, in the beginning the paranoia does get to you. Basic things like going to the food store or even the dept. store was terrible. Just seemed like I had a sign on my back that said HIV POZ but, that is getting better.

To be honest, I am happy that I am alive but feel indifferent about life. My few friends do help but having to be silent at work and evasive with my family just makes me want to scream some days. I get thru and hope the next year of this journey will be better.

I do wish you well, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, it would be a pleasure to provide any enlightenment that I can.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, as we all have thanks to give in our own way


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