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Hi! I found out I have HIV on the 3rd October, started meds yesterday, had a little cry as my life has changed forever, but soon got over it. I am on a combination of TRUVADA and ISENTRESS, I  read that it effects bone density after long term use. Is there something one can take or do to help with OSTEOPENIA or OSTEOPOROSIS?
Thanks. xxxx

If your physician checks your vitamin D level and finds it to be deficient you can take vitamin D supplements, but this should not be a major concern for you until you begin to show signs of it.  It is by no means a guarantee.

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: beyourhero on November 17, 2012, 07:40:33 PM ---I  read that it effects bone density after long term use

--- End quote ---

I'm sure whatever your read actually said "can" or "might". Not that it expressly "does"

 I'm on Truvada Isentress and Kaletra.
My regular blood test monitoring showed i had lowish levels of vitamin D. My Dr recommended a Calcium & Vitamin D (which helps with Calcium uptake). It's not an unsolvable problem if it occurs.

Your Dr will be watching your blood tests closely.  You'll be OK.

It can be a bit emotionally challenging when you start on medications, but they help you keep control of your health. So think of them as your friends.


Hi! Harlymc,
Thankyou for your reply.
I had on my shopping list for today, Vit. D but will add Calcium.
That will mean 2 HIV meds and a total of 7 vitamins a day, lol

I am ok with the meds, its strange that I have just accpeted all this. I thought years ago that if I ever a HIV test came back positive I would just end my life but when I was sick in hospital with a "virus" as I had just come back from Bali and I didnt have un safe anal sex I never thought I would have HIV, so after so many tests and the HIV topic hadnt been mentioned by the doctors I was so shocked when that test came back positive. So some one must have taken condom off or it broke, or via the mouth.
But I just said of ok, whats next and here I am today, day three on meds and feeling very positive.
I didnt get any sickness, well not yet from the meds so I think that has helped.

This web site is so good for us guys who dont have any one else apart from the Dr. to talk to.
I am going to GENISIS this weekend, I think that will help.

I am going on too much, thanks again for your help



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