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on my first bloody check i got CD4 744 and viral load 26.000.


on my first bloody check i got CD4 744 and viral load 26.000. my doctor strongly suggest me to not start to taking meds. i was surprised and must say i am looking forward to get undetectable. but i also have to consider the other facts. i would like to know from others in the same conditions and numbers wheter they start taking drugs or not, and if not if the viral load get down or stay the same.

Everyone's body reacts completely differently to this virus.  Some people can suppress it on their own, some need help.  Typically you want to see 2-3 blood draws to get a good starting point of where your numbers are before you really begin to consider medication; as once you've started you are not supposed to stop.  Your numbers are quite good so not immediately starting meds shouldn't do any real damage to your immune system, but as I said before everyone is a little bit different.

The only time a doctor will initiate medication immediately is if your numbers were dire.  These are actually quite good.

thx or ur reply. u say what said my doc. the point that bothers me is the pression from the environment to made u undetectable to minimiza risks to others. i do concern others peoples safe. i reject sex with negs and aways warn the others poz i meet that i am still not into meds... but i feel the pression . just wanna feel the i am doing what is right and not being just selfish.

If you are that concerned for the continued safety of others, then simply insist on a condom.  As for meds, I've been on meds for several years just trying to get UP to the numbers you have.  I wouldn't get on them yet, personally.

wow! thx u gave me proportions


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