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What would you consider by risk level? Serodiscordant Couple

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I'm negative and have happily been in a serodiscordant relationship for five months. My boyfriend consistently takes his medication and has an undetectable viral load. We have established ground rules in the bedroom based on our comfort zone.

-I do not perform oral sex on him.
-We consistently use condoms, and he does not ejaculate inside the condom if he is the top.

What would be my risk level given these aspects of our relationship? Should I stop worrying given we continue the path we've been taking? Are there any other risk factors I need to consider?

Any input is greatly appreciated as I am seeking a peace of mind.

Thanks in advance.

The oral and ejaculation precautions are unnecessary. You can simply use condoms during anal sex and you should be fine.

I think ground rules are a good idea. My partner and I have established our ground rules for the bedroom even before we have had a chance to get into the bedroom. We both understand there are risks to our decisions and we are both accepting of those consequences.

I think that there it is impossible to quantify the risks in a numerical fashion as there are few studies and you have not provided complete information as to your health habits, etc. Remember that it is not just the poz partners health habits that determine the possibility of transmission. Any sexual encounter poses a risk of much of a risk is it that you willing to accept is the question.

In my opinion, you are being quite safe and I think the risk of transmission is low. But I am not a medical professional, so take that with a grain or two of salt...hehe.


--- Quote from: devilnuts on December 02, 2012, 06:56:25 AM ---Any sexual encounter poses a risk of much of a risk is it that you willing to accept is the question.

--- End quote ---

This is patently untrue, unless of course you also mean that every moment the sun poses a risk of going supernova.

Use a condom for anal and vaginal sex. It cannot be much simpler than that.

I think its a semantic argument he's making.  Condoms prevent HIV transmission. But I guess there is the risk of a condom break. Small. And then from the condom break, transmission. Smaller, and then Pep doesn't work. Smaller again.  Yeah, so the sun risks going Super Nova and Republicans risk being an intelligent party again. but. but.


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