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Our forum member Rob..AKA Scudd

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Scudd passed away on the 31st of October, I just got the news today from his friend in Hobart.

Scudd was love by all those who knew him, he suffered so much yet complained so little, he cared more about others than he did himself.

I know youwere ready to go Scudd, but I wasn't ready to let you go, my heart aches tonight, you are pain free now.

As our dear friend Kate once said..GO WELL.

In sadness
Jan :'(

So many of my friends have gone wombling home these past few years. There just aren't enough goddamns in the world.

We love you so much and miss you greatly.  Tears flow freely but so do the smiles.

Mini (Tazmanian devil) and Mum

Peter Staley:
It lifted me up to talk on the phone with Rob earlier this year around the time he was diagnosed with melanoma. He was such a warm soul, and I enjoyed swapping stories of our shared love of sailing.

The news of his passing was very hard to hear. I want to thank Jan, Ann, and Matty for looking out for Rob this year, and for the help in letting me get to know him.


Scudders was such a sweet soul. I'll miss him.


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