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I have been joining for a year now, I thought I should introduce myself.


Hello everyone, I have been here for almost a year now since my diagnosis. I think it time I should introduce myself. I'm a early 20s gay living and studying in Thailand. Many of your might heard about a huge flood in Thailand back in late 2011, that it when i tested poz in October 2011. At the time I was in a relationship( He is 29 Argentinian), we didn't use protection for once or twice a very BIG MISTAKE for me. Flashback to July 2011 I suddenly had a high fever and was hospitalize for 5 days, the doctor can't find what wrong with me.(PS. they test me for HIV which was negative). I started dating the guy back in May, so thing started to come together.

Then the drama came in, I told my family, there are very supportive but the real problem is my boyfriend at the time. When I told him of my status he started to breakdown and being so dramatic about getting himself tested. Soon after I have the feeling that some thing is not right with him. Eventually he said to me that he get tested in January(Insisted that he will gone by himself, this have me doubt that is he really get tested or did he already know he's poz) The relationship get really strain when I decided to take ARV but he is against it but I do it anyway because it is what best for me. Eventually we broke up in march because he just keep be so dramatic about everything and I feel that he didn't take care of himself put my health in further risk, that terribly burden me emotionally. His cd4 came out just 200, at that point he still don't want to be treated. After we broke up I'm decided to be friend and be supportive but that didn't workout either because I increasingly feel that he is lying to me. One day a close friend of mine who know my status did some digging on my now ex-boyfriend and find out that he had been poz since 2009, it was a shock for me, since he has been lying all along since we met. That was four months ago.

Now fast forward, today I'm happy. The problem I had with my medication was resolve,It has been a roller coaster with Atripla for me, depression dizziness brain fog etc.) many thanks to "eric48" for your help. Now I'm happily in a relationship with NVP/Truvada. :)

My only hope is that my ex-boyfriend stop spreading this disease to other and put others through what I have experience. I recently found out he get himself a new boyfriend and move to Pattaya(hey good for ya but please stop spreading this virus all right!!!!, a little concern for his new BF but that none of my business). What really hurt me the most is how he betrayed and lied to me. My family even care for him, support him if he ask for it, financially if necessary and this is how he repay us. This is a life lesson that I will never ever forget for the rest of my life and a SERIOUS WAKE UP CALL.

I don't want to be selfish, I don't fuck around,I'm being honest and caring and this is what I get. Its been a long road and this virus had made me a better person, it teach me how to love myself, learn to have self esteem and be careful. You will never know what people really is.

Thank you again for eric48,common_ground and a lot of good people in these forum, for all of your support and good advice. I'm feel empowered to help fight this disease and to help others in a situation like me as much as I can.

HIV is not a joke, people should take it seriously. It is sad for me to sees rising rate of infection every year especially among teens in my country. All I hope is that teenagers especially LGBT, will one day learn how to protect themselves and don't risk their lives because of low self-esteem. Unsafe sex was seen as a sign of love,trust and that how people get infected because they want to please their partner and choose to neglect they own personal safety, including myself.

hi anqueetas,
we all learn from our mistakes. i got the virus from someone i trusted. what's important is that you are healthy and you are taking care of yourself. that's all you need to focus on.
take care.


--- Quote from: anmlvrnyc on December 01, 2012, 04:48:01 PM ---hi anqueetas,
we all learn from our mistakes. i got the virus from someone i trusted. what's important is that you are healthy and you are taking care of yourself. that's all you need to focus on.
take care.

--- End quote ---

Thank you anmlvrnyc, hope for the same for you. Take care

Hey seem like a really nice guy, even though your bf lied to you, you were still kind enough to keep in touch and support him (even though he was not responsive).  I have had the same thoughts about the person that I contracted HIV from also, tried to be supportive to them to get help (which they did) but still was not 'open' to my support.  Focus on your health, be a bit selfish...don't look back.

Sorry to hear the ATRIPLA gave you side effects (what were they?).  I thought the docs test you before recommending meds (I guess they assumed you would not react) of luck and I hope that you continue to share your story. 


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