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Want Me In Hospital

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Growler, GO TO HOSPITAL, let them do what they will, and then get out when they spring you. They woudn't want you there if they couldn't do help. As far as it being where you used to work, well, they've more than likely seen former employees with worse foreign objects up their arse than yours. Just go, please!

Wishing you well and to let you know it's not necessarily gloom and doom.  My doctors also thought my neurological impairments from an infection a short while ago would lead to permanent damage.  There might be, you'd have to ask some of the others here.... ;D but I know I progressed pretty nicely after staying in the dreaded hospital for 3 weeks hooked up drug machines.

Reality is reality and you must follow some direction in order to get well enough to be able to make adequate decisions.  Until my brain was cleared of infection, I was afraid I was also going "batty" and it scared me.  At least give it a chance, it'll surely be better than the alternative.

Take care.

Hey Growler,

Write to us while you're in so we can know how you're doing. Being a former worker there might be in the plus column -- you might get some extra attention.

You may emerge and see us for the batty folks we are!


I've weighed up the options and I going to go into hospital. I was talking to my mate downstairs and he said he'd sneak in some beers for us while I'm there.

I've realised they were treating me for the sysphilis a couple of months ago when I was in hospital abnd stopped treatment because they couldn't find it but this new doctor says it's definitely there and it and hiv are in my brain and causing problems but I don't understand how he can say this? He only spent 5 minutes examining me and getting me to walk and reflexes, and following his finger. But he's one of the top HIV neurologists in the world so I have to respect that. Its all doing my fucking head in.

I'm gonna try to get them to let me go with a peniciliin pump after a couple of days. I could make it up myself and get it going ifthey taught me. I used to do this stuff for a living so it wouldn't be too hard, but well see if they let me.

I really don't want to go to hospital they freak me out totally. I'll go though because it's getting abit harder to do what I need to do to look after myself and even goijng outside is getting freaky so I need to give it a try. I haven't told them but last 2 weeks are getting worse. I dont want to wear nappies and have fuckers wiping my arse.


I am very glad to hear you have decided to go into the hospital. I know it is scary but you doing the right thing.


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