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new here and some questions

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Thanks for the welcome! I'm getting ready to go in to get my blood work now. I'm pretty nervous but I'm glad I'm going to know what I'm up against and start facing it instead of just living every day blindly and afraid. i'll keep you all posted!

hey, welcome to the forums... let us know how your numbers are. Good luck to you! \


Welcome to the forums. Let us know about your numbers if ya want. Just try to remember that the disease is manageable. Hang in there  ;)

We are all here to support you. Please be strong and hang on there. HIV medication these days can do wonder for your HIV infection. Even though you have AIDS it doesn't mean that it game over. You can get better just listen and follow what the doctor told you. Keep taking you medication and take good care of yourself.

One week until i find out my counts and stuff. Gosh i've never been so nervous. I keep freaking myself out researching stuff online and now ive convinced myself I have just about every OI out there, lol. I know this is all counter productive and stupid but i just cant help it. Hoping to get some peace of mind either way when i get my results and start taking meds. I guess i just wanted to write this because it's thanksgiving and even though I'm scared and nervous i'm thankful that i know my status and that i'm making steps towards a healthier life. i've probably been positive for years now and never known for sure, so this year i'm at least thankful that i'm finally mature enough to have gotten tested and can say that i know my status!


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