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new here and some questions

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hi tex,
there are support groups available at the center. go to their web site and check it out. they have one every sunday and a couple more during the week days.
I don't go to GMHC but i know someone there if you need counseling. he might be able to help you with that. i'm sure your social worker or your nurse could set you up with their support group thing.
another thing you can do is go on to yahoo and look for SIN NYC group. it is Strength in numbers group. you will find some helpful info there and meet others. let me know if you need any help.
find something to focus on. whether it is work or study, keep yourself busy and occupied. that helps a lot.

Miss Philicia:
SIN is more what I would call an "affinity" group for social activities, not a place to discuss HIV issues for someone newly diagnosed. I'm not saying it doesn't have value, just that it may not be what you are looking for strictly as a support group.

There's a good place located in Soho that I used to go to that I found good:

forgot about the friendsindeed. they are really great.
you should try different groups and see which one you feel most comfortable with. i have different experience with each group.
SIN NYC has a bulletin board similar to this forum but more local. i didn't know anything about hiv when i was diagnosed. when i reached out to them they hooked me up with one of the best doctors in the city and also gave me a lot of info on support groups.
when a friend of mine in midwest was getting sick cause he couldn't afford meds, i posted it on SIN NYC board and a total stranger got me 3 bottles of meds my friend needed for free.
once i felt better about my new condition i started going to their social meetings and made some poz friends. the whole experience with SIN NYC helped me a lot from the beginning.

Miss Philicia:
There are some other mailing groups that have been around for a long time -- but you might find it more geared towards Long Time Survivors.

A lot of newly diagnosed are going here for treatment, as it just opened in the past two years:

Click on "groups" and you'll find support group listings. There are a handful of forum members here that go there and say it's a great facility. It's very "one stop shopping" if you look at the [url-]myriad of services[/url] offered.

Thanks for the advice! The CCC looks like a great place. As it stands i'm seeing a doctor at mt. sinai which is also where my social worker is. not sure what program this is under really but was just referred there by the GMHC. the hollistic approach at the CCC seems nice and ive always wanted to try acupuncture!

i have my big dr appointment tomorrow where they're going to take all my blood and stuff. pretty nervous. ive put off dealing with this for so long that each appointment makes me so anxious! before i walk into the building i always have this urge to just bolt and forget about it; i know how stupid that is. i'm hoping that after some time this feeling will pass and i wont get so anxious about all the doctors im going to be dealing with for the rest of my life. i've always been scared of doctors! i guess it also helps to know that after the next two appointments (initial check up and blood work and follow up when i get put on meds) i'll get a little break before any others. going to multiple appointments every week for the past few weeks has done nothing but put my status in the forefront of my mind at all times.

my appointment is at 10 which is early for me as i work until midnight usually. im worried that my counts will be lower because of the whole morning thing, but it is what it is i suppose. i guess im just nervous about that pesky <200 AIDs diagnosis. What if my counts are 199 only because of the time of day!? i know im writing a lot on here but i need to vent somewhere. im trying to keep it all in this one thread though so i dont bomb the forum every day with all my craziness.  :P


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