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new here and some questions

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Beware of Google! If you're not savvy it's awful for freaking you out. My boyfriend is a sucker for it, every day he's read something new online which has worried him. If you're going to do it then try to get your head round the scientific papers and documents, they're more likely to be an accurate representation rather than scare stories.

I think you deserve massive respect for making some positive changes in your life, taking control in that way can only be a good thing.

With regard to freaking out about about getting your results, I dunno... Pretty much because I'm doing the same...

dale gribble:
Texan hiv is a serious disease get your status  and take your meds hiv isn't nothing to chance attacks the immune system     

dale gribble:
Souledout can't believe everything on the internet as well as here I been there and seen


--- Quote from: texaninnyc87 on November 22, 2012, 03:40:19 PM ---One week until i find out my counts and stuff. Gosh i've never been so nervous. I keep freaking myself out researching stuff online and now ive convinced myself I have just about every OI out there, lol. I know this is all counter productive and stupid but i just cant help it. Hoping to get some peace of mind either way when i get my results and start taking meds. I guess i just wanted to write this because it's thanksgiving and even though I'm scared and nervous i'm thankful that i know my status and that i'm making steps towards a healthier life. i've probably been positive for years now and never known for sure, so this year i'm at least thankful that i'm finally mature enough to have gotten tested and can say that i know my status!

--- End quote ---

Hey Tex, I did the same thing. This is to be expected but here is what actually happened:

1.) I did not have any of the OI's I thought I did.

2.) I drove my doc and his assistant "nuts" with what-if's and questions until they got a handle on the disease.

3.) I eventually had to get some psych help to deal with my depression and the "what ifs."

My suggestion is to let your doctor do the doctoring. Be honest about how you feel, symptoms you are having and be sure to address your mental health. HIV is a BIG DEAL, however, it is totally manageable and a tendency to "read too much into it" can cause an entirely different set of problems.

For me, personally, once I stopped doing internet searches about HIV/AIDS and spending hours on WEBMD and Google, I started to mentally process things better because I simply relied on the professionals I hired to handle this. Anyway, hang in there, it does get easier to process and manage.  ;)

I met with a social worker who is going to help me with everything. shes really great and im so thankful there are people like her out there to guide me through everything. it looks like i have a few weeks full of appointments. went in and got my confirmatory western blot test today. ive known i was poz for the last few months but something about reading it on a piece of paper made it really hit me. it was the only time i've really cried or anything since any of this happened. well, i have a big drs appointment on monday to get all my counts and initial bloodwork done. i didnt really understand that the western blot wasnt going to give me my counts. so much to learn! this is all so scary but im glad im getting it done. i just hope i dont have syphilis or hep now!


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