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Medicade and Georgia

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You have to go in person to some of these places to get them to know you because there is a lot of false or information gets wrong if you don't go in person. I hope you know what I am saying . The AID Atlanta has to be careful to know you are who you say you are as to get benefits started . Hope the best for you . Jerry

Something's not right here.  Douglas county is covered in the service area for the Grady Infectious Disease Program.  You should be able to get services there, although I don't think people are referred to Grady IDP from AID Atlanta unless they are below the magic 200 it may be one of those wonderful things about our fucked up health system where you may have to sit tight until you're low enough to fall under their scope.  Don't ask me to defend this...I'm just explaining.

If you want to send me a private message here, go ahead.  I know people I can direct this situation to who can likely give more absolute answers.

I otherwise echo JK and mewithu's posts.  You need a case manager, and you need to go in person to these places however many times it takes.

Also in Ga you can move from one ASO to another if you are not happy.  I have friends that come out to Athens for privacy and because they like the staff there. 


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