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 I am at the last medications I can take...I am also VERY pissed off..Living in Georgia with hiv is horrible..HMO medicade has denied me the right to keep on living. This is the new medication,Stribild ( which I am a little scared to take because of the side affects)which they WILL NOT approve..and I could use some suggestions on how to get this med.. My t-cell count is 279,Vl,43,840... >:( :'(

Haggar, I would suggest getting in touch with the nearest Aids service organization in your area.  Here's a link, you can look until you find the one nearest you:

I think that's the link that will help you, though it seems long.  Anyway, if you can get someone at an organization, they can help you get patient assistance, which would pay for the Strilbid.  Or there may be someone at your doctors that can help you.  Or, go on the manufacturer's website and look for a patient assistance program you can apply for.  That's my suggestion.  By the way, I take Strilbid, and have had nothing emaciating.  It's been liveable.  good luck.

I live in Georgia, and have a little understanding regarding the situation you describe.

Are you on Medicare and Medicaid? Ryan White? Do you have a case worker? If not, cal AID Atlanta as soon as you can. Even if they are not serving your actual area, they can point you towards a local ASO that can set you up with a case manager. If you do not have medicare/Ryan White, you will absolutely need a case manager to help you.

In Ga also here.  Aids Athens can also help. One great thing in Ga is you can us any clinic once you are in the system.  The Specialty care in Athens has been amazing and I was approved for adap in less than 90 days.  They also made sure I had welvista to cover my meds until adap went through. 

Thank you all fro all the info..I went to AID atlanta when I got here and was told they could not do anything for me because I live in the subburg(douglasville) I did not need housing,..I have Medicaid...and by they way I had an out of state phone number and I did get a new one. I have been calling AID atl and never got a response or I missed it. I am looking for a new doctor. And here is the depressing stuff..I gave my doctor's office my new number..the called me on my tract phone which I cannot hear out of: I was to that my pharmcy put the wrong code in.I called them and they have no idea what I was talking about. So I know it's one of the so called nurses there..and I reported them to the State medical department.


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