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DVD drive

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--- Quote from: leatherman on November 14, 2012, 10:41:32 PM ---

and hope it reads the player properly this time and installs the drivers. ;)

--- End quote ---

Just to add  to this... You may have to manually check for driver updates.  To do this, Click START> in the search box type DEVICE MANAGER, >  When you see device manager ( in the results) click on it. Locate you DVD/ CD ROM/ and click on that.  Another window should open , one of the tabs will be listed as DRIVER.  Click that DRIVER tab, and choose "UPDATE DRIVER.

If your drivers for the DVD CD/ROM are up to date, it will let you know that, if not, it will download the latest drivers for that device.

Oh I forgot, you will be given two options to check for drivers:

1, Check your computer for drivers

2:  Check online for the latest drivers. (I usually check online )


Thanks for all the suggestions.  I'm convinced the drive itself is bad.  I'll just purchase an external DVD drive and be done with it.

Your BIOS settings may have decided you've installed a CD-ROM drive, not a DVD drive. Check there before you chuck it.

With the install of your OS onto the new HD, you might not have installed the proper software to be able to view DVD's. Of course, Windows Media Player should have recognized the DVD and played it.

I bet you have some unique drivers for your laptop that have to be reloaded. This would depend on whether you were able to totally reset your laptop to factory conditions when you replaced your HD or whether you just installed Windows and were done with it.

The entire drive was bad from day 1.  I immediately burnt the recovery discs when I purchased this unit new.  When I bought the new hard drive and tried to install from the discs, there wasn't anything there.  Of course I didn't know this as you don't need the discs until you have an issue.  I had to purchase them from Toshiba.  All of my back up discs also were useless as nothing burnt correctly to the discs.

I was fortunate that my old hard drive didn't completely crash and I was able to reinstall it and back up everything to a flash drive. 


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