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OK all, I'm ready to throw my laptop out the window.  I bought this thing last year and it recently went out of warranty.  Surprise, the hard drive went bad.  I bought a new one and got everything loaded and working.....except the DVD player.

The disk drive itself is working as I loaded Norton, panasonic viewer and a few other thing from that drive.  But when I load videos, I hear it attempting to play but it does nothing.  I don't get an error message or anything.  Not even the one that asks what program to use to play the video.

Is it possible that portion of the reader went bad?  Is there a way to test it?  Is there a setting that might need changed?  I was able to play DVD's before the hard drive crashed.  It's all just driving me crazy and google isn't helping.



--- Quote from: wolfter on November 14, 2012, 02:54:51 PM ---.  It's all just driving me crazy and google isn't helping.


--- End quote ---

You say this is the new Computer? Cant you just call the Manufacturers Helpline, or just take it back?

Oh, n/m, In re-reading it seems it's the hard drive that is new, not the computer. hmm, sorry wished I could help.


A new hard drive means new install of windows? Might need to reset default player for DVDs

Ok then some flavours of windows dont have a dvd player installed. You need the right software which I use is k lite video codex (Standard version). Link to download


Try the VLC player. Plays everything, never any problems with codecs, easy to understand and runs very lite without wasting too much RAM and memory.

Miss Philicia:
I highly recommend spraying this onto the problem area. It breaks hexes and spells that may have been placed on you by someone. Plus at $4.50 it's a relative bargain.


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