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I am not doing so great

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I am not doing so great these days dealing with the poz news.I am only eight months into this and l am ready to give up and hide for the rest of my life.

I am so angry at my ex for giving me this....

I know l am depressed and my Doctor has sent me for therapy. It just seems right now everything is black.

How dio l get out of this mind set? I am trying real hard to and nothing seems to be working.


Fight sweetie...We are in this shit together.....

I know how it feels. I was diagnosed almost 3 months ago....I will say nothing



Cherie... Council is a great way to work through this.   I have found grabbing one of the guys/girls from the forums in the form of a PM and talk to the ones that you identify with and hear their thoughts on how your feeling...   I have avoided professional council with the love and support right here...   I advocate nothing, this has just worked for me..   I would urge you to to stop looking back over your shoulder, else you are liable to walk right into a wall.   Placing blame for me was something I avoided at all costs.   Its done.  I cant take this one back.   Always look forward and maybe don't look further than today...  In time, this will clear... I am sure you would agree, that it takes awhile for the dust to settle...


Hi Cherie,
    Sorry you are feeling so depressed.  Just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I think you are doing what you can for now.  Counseling is a great way to start.  Give counseling some time to work, they teach you healthy ways to cope .   This is from my experience.  If you do not like the counselor try another one.  It is not that easy to just snap out of it.  you are dealing with a life changing diagnosis.  Do what you can and you will eventually start to see the light.  And vent as much as you need to .  We are all in this together.  Rachel is embracing you and giving you a great big hug.  Cherie hang in there it does get better.  Rachel

I'm sorry you're not doing well. I think we all go through deep dispair
sometimes. Don't fight it by yourself alone. Counseling is a good idea,
and coming here to share with those who can feel your pain somehow.
Be Well.


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