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Goodbye, Ex-Boyfriend


Living in the only Catholic country in Asia, I have observed that hiding one's sexuality is common. More so, others find it imperative to hide one's HIV status because of fear, stigma, and discrimination. In my case, Catholic guilt kept me from hiding my status from my family and friends, and I find solace from supportive and understanding people online. Fortunately, for me, I am under treatment at a local HIV hub, but how about the many others who are still hiding?

My ex-boyfriend was hospitalized October 31, died November 6, and cremated November 11. He was 25. A very young man died of Pneumonia. What saddens me is that he informed his family about his condition way too late. He wasn't able to receive proper treatment because having HIV is just too "scandalous" in this very "religious" country, whose number of HIV cases, ironically, doubled over the years.

May this be a wake up call to all newly diagnosed with HIV. seek proper treatment. save your lives.

To my ex-boyfriend, you will always be in my prayers.

Pinoy Positive


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