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I refuse to go to dentists who require hiv positive patients to have the last appointment of the day so they can disinfect everything.

They should be disinfecting their equipment to the same high standards between EVERY patient, regardless of what the patient has told them about their viral status.

I refuse to go to such a dentist because I'd be too afraid their over-all lax practice would end up with ME infected with something else, like hepatitis B or hepatitis C, or even just an avoidable bacterial infection, all because they only properly disinfect their equipment when they know hiv is involved.

Dentists who insist on only being careful about their disinfection procedures when they know the patient is hiv positive should be reported and re-educated on universal precautions, or struck off and not allowed to practice if they refuse to change their ways.

Dentists like that piss me off no end. Can you tell? ;D

Zorro, thanks fot the link, yes, my tongue is similar to this on the page...  But I donīt have specially problems with bad breath...  Also, it is quite impossible for me to find this brush...  Ok, so nothing so terrible about this...

In regard to my dentist, Iīve already changed, this was supposed to be much more professional than the dentist I had before (he was treating 3 or 4 patients in differents rooms with assistants that seemed more secretaries than young dentists, I had my doubts about possible crossed contamination and the use of the material...). 

With mine (that Iīm going to see another time this afternoon, by the way...), I filled a paper where I indicated my HIV condition.  Where I live, the problem is still stigmas, but they are professional in regard with this...  The problem here is that dentists seem not to be well formed in regard to HIV and it is clear they donīt manage it well...  My doc prefers not to recommand dentists because of so many bad experiences...  Really, I donīt know where to go...

I know your main question was about the yellow tongue.  However, the issue with your dentist is also important.  I couldn't echo Ann's comment more.  And, the others.  I would be extremely concerned with that practice. 

I go to the University dental school practice.  In my experience, the dentists soon out of school have gotten a ton of education on patients with HIV.  All the dentists I've had have been great.  Well, one was nervous and wore the whole space suit, with full face shield just for a normal cleaning.   That's the thing with dental schools-- you don't keep the same dentist more than their time there.  But, you keep the same one through a school year.  Do you have any dental schools in your area?  You don't have to be without insurance to be a patient.  They take people with insurance as well.  And, they seem more knowledgeable about things such as yellow tongue.

Zorro's link seems to be a little more concerned than the rest of the internet (like this link but if your doctor doesn't know what to do I don't know what else I can tell you, except brush your toungue like you brush your teeth (or more) and use mouthwash, and avoid sweets after you've cleaned your mouth.

If you REALLY want to get responses, post a picture. But I think we're not supposed to pictures in this forum.

Well, I could not answer before, sorry...

I got sick last week and am under antibiotics and... My yellow tongue has desapeared!!!

About my dentist, when I went there I realized then gave me the last meeting because they wanted time to desinfect everything before I arrived.  I asked the dentist why she did not manage me as any other person and she told me she was scared about infecting me and rather taking extra precaucions...  Mmmm definitively HIV made me more paranoiac...


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