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Yellow tongue

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For now almost a month, I noticed I have yellow tongue.  I showed it to my doc and he had no idea what it could be, he thought it can be a rare side effect from medecines, but he went and looked for in internet during our meeting, so I donīt know really what to think...

Today, I was with my dentist, she knows Iīm poz, no problem with her (except she put plastic bags eveywhere in her office and ask me to go at last  hours because with me, she has to desinfect everything........  and what with other people and particularly those who donīt disclose???), anyway, she didnīt seem implicated...

This matter start to worry me a little, I have never had this before in my life, also, I always had very good bucal hygiene...  I donīt have specially bad smell..

Anyone had it?  What can I do to eliminate it?

I'm sorry Valmont, but I'd question your dentist. Current dental procedures between patients are to keep all things hunky dory and sterile.  To put you last sounds like an abrasion in her mind to me, or a lack of following current dental practices. I'd feel hurt. Actuially kind of pissed.

Sorry. I have no idea about yellow tongue.


I'm not sure about the yellow tongue either...but I'd sure be annoyed about her making me come in last of the day so that she could 'disinfect' everything.....

I hope that you can figure out what's going on of luck!

Your your dentist needs to be educated Valmont.

Mine shrugged when I told her my staus. She told me that she has to assume that everyone has the virus and dis-infects her tools accordingly. She worries much more about Hep C and that requires even stricter adherence to cleansing of the tools she uses.

I have had appointments with her at various times throughout the day.

Read the link below...any of these harmless causes you can relate to?

Your dentist experience sounds awful. I hope you have more choices for dental care.


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