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People can claim whatever they want on the internet, that doesn't make it true.

PCR testing is known for giving false POSITIVES, while the ELISA is NOT known for false negatives. A three month negative ELISA is conclusive.

If you don't like our advice, you are free to go do whatever makes you happy. Rather than chase PCR and CD4 tests (and btw, a CD4 test won't tell your your hiv status) I would suggest you work with a doctor to get to the bottom of whatever is the real cause of your problems. No matter how much you may want it to be hiv, it is not. You are conclusively hiv negative.


you both were right.  i was wrong.  i told my doctor my concerns and he agreed to do a CD4 count that came back normal.  i wasn't convinced.  so i opted for a pcr dna test.  it was negative.  so three negative antibodies, a normal CD4, and a negative pcr a year after exposure seals the deal.  i apologise for not trusting you but the symptoms were leading me on.  I'm seeing a therapist to deal with my fears and the doctor to deal with whats really going on.  thankyou all so very much.  i only hope you will continue helping others in same boat i was in.  thanks again.


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