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I had unprotected sex for a month with a girl of unknown status over a year ago.  I went and got tested twice.  The results were negative.  Once with the orasure and the other a regular ELISA.  I keep having recurring symptoms that include slight fevers, sore throat, swollen neck, skin problem ie. warts, jock itch.  My cbc show slightly raised wbc but everything else normal.  my question is would i be crazy to request a cd4 count or possible pcr test.  I just dont feel like my old self.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thankyou.

Andy Velez:
If you tested negative at 13 weeks or longer after the unprotected incidents then you are HIV negative. Period. End of story.

If the testing was done at less than 13 weeks then you should re-test now. The likelihood is that you will continue to test negative.

If the testing was done at 13 weeks or more then you can with assurance know that your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV, no matter what your mind is telling you otherwise. In general neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms will ever tell you anything accurately about your HIV status. Only taking a test at the appropriate time can do that.

Assuming you tested at the approprite time you should be discussing your symptoms with your doctor find out what is really causing them.

Also, for future reference you need to learn from this experience and no matter whom you are with, when you have intercourse you should be wearing a latex condom. No exceptions no matter what you think you know about your partner's history.

Please clarify if I am missing something here. 

I got tested one year after incident.  I just think my immune system is so compromised it will not produce antibodies.  that's why I'm wondering if other tests should be looked into.  everyone thinks I'm crazy.  but i honestly feel I'm getting worse every day.  is it too late?

Andy Velez:
Stop self-diagnosing yourself. That's really bad for your health both physically and emotionally.

Talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns. Despite what your head is telling you you're still HIV negative. Period. End of story. No kidding.

Why are you guys so intent on supporting the reliability of Elisa Test and don't recommend other forms of testing when people have symptoms (and our out of the testing window)?  I was looking in the past forums and some one wrote:

While it's hard to imagine, you're lucky that that test was accurate.  I spent a year symptomatic and had three tests come back false negative.  I carried PCP from CA to AZ to TX to Lousiana to AL to TN to MI to OH to NJ and back to NM before anyone figured out I had AIDS.  I was first told by a Dr. in an ER in a part of NM so rural that my blood work was sent to a lab in UT.  My western blot that was done the same day as my viral load came back "inconclusive" and the viral load was >750k.

I think its important that you recommend pcr or CD4 testing for people instead of blindly following the reliability of test that can give false results.


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