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Sometimes your biggest joy becomes your biggest sorrow

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Sorry that it didn't work out.  Try to focus less on the "bad" at the end and more on the "good" earlier -- I am assuming there were good time.  Those are the things that make it worthwhile to pursue your joy.  Whatever you do -- do NOT let HIV dictate your life for you.  While some won't be able to deal, if you assume that they all will be like that, you will miss the one/ones who see you and not their own fear.  Plus -- you'll be letting that damned virus win and I hate to see it win!

So -- take some time, but be sure to get back up on that horse.


Trey, I feel horrible, you called me the other day and I didnt call you back. Sometimes I suck as a friend, sorry. :-[

Yes, he seemed like a great guy when I met him but in meeting you I found you to be an even greater guy than he, and anyone would be lucky to have you (and that baby face and radiant personality)  ;)

I know it's tough but keep your chin up and move forward. I think the feelings of insecurity and fear of not being loved are normal. I deal with it and sometimes wonder if that is what is holding me back from being in a happy relationship again. So I can relate to that a bit.

Losing a love really sucks, and it hurts. So don't be afraid to cry, scream or kick things around. But whatever you do dont let it consume you. Onward and upward, Right?

Call me later.



I'm sorry to hear of your break-up.  Please don't automatically assume it is because of HIV.  It's tempting for HIVers to arrive at that conclusion, and get down on themselves.  But there are a thousand different reasons that relationships don't work out.  You're not inherently flawed or unlovable because you have HIV.


Thanks guys and honestly I guess I'm just looking for answers because I want there to be an option or a work around.  For me to forget about this it will just take time.  Of course, right now my emotional side does not want to forget and is grasping at straws trying to make it work.  I appreciate all the support I get here greatly.

I don't have any wisdom but just wanted to say I know how you feel. I've been in your shoes (as many of us have). It takes me a long time to get over relationships too... especially I don't understand why it happened or if it's about something beyond my control.

Eventually I get over it and move on and am better for it. Eventually being the key word. I hope you get there soon!

thanks for sharing.


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