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Republican Hissy Fits

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--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on November 13, 2012, 01:27:56 PM ---Oh, please Mary -- I've ordered from Dominio's :) maybe a decade ago.

Anyway, I have a place a mere block away that makes pizza al pastor by a Mexican named Rosario.

--- End quote ---

It was too good a shot to pass.

But I did just look up your, "al pastor" pizza.  It does look delish.  I'm not big on pig, so I'd probably have to go with the more traditional style with avacado and cilantro and stuff.

Now we should resume with republicans (speaking of pigs), or else this is just gonna be Wumpette Nutrition part 2.

Miss Philicia:
What kind of Southerner doesn't like pigs?


--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on November 13, 2012, 02:20:18 PM ---What kind of Southerner doesn't like pigs?

--- End quote ---

My kind.  I'll eat a little bit now and again, but mostly I prefer gills or claws to hooves.

I'd like to see a post election interview with that old white lady who spewed hate. It was posted here right before the election.  Where is that video, again?
She looked primed to pop, like a vampire on True Blood, if Obama won.

I honestly can't ever remember this much finger pointing and wailing post election.  The closest I can recall would be Bush / Gore, but there were genuine tally questions then - not to mention the shadiness of Katherine Harris and the fact that the popular vote really did go to Gore.  Here, it's clear that all went to Obama.  Legitimately.  Even FOX called it, for pete's sake.

We now have loonies in 20 states calling to own state included.

The biggest joke of all is how it reveals just how far their true patriotism goes.

The biggest scare of all (for me) is the talk I hear of how they are planning to regroup.  From what I can tell, they haven't really learned a damn thing from this election.  It sounds like their plan is to dig further into religion to get more black and latino votes against the dreaded gays.


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