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Double edged sword


Hey people,
it's been awhile since i've been on husband recently told me that he hasn't been feeling well for awhile(he's incarcerated)-and the first thought I had was OMG! he's infected,it was like all the wind got knocked out of me.
When I got diagnosed 5 years ago my husband swore he infected me but he tested has been hard for me accepting this not knowing where I got it as I fall way outside the "high risk" groups,my hubby on the other hand did the drugs and multiple partners before we got married.Is it @ all possible that I was indeed infected by him and he's now getting symptoms?Since I tested positive he has not used condoms although I have insisted but I've always been undetectable.Is there any way if he is to find out how long he has had the virus? I'm praying it was not me as he would have gotten a drug resistant strain.He may not be released until january and he wants to wait until then to find out.This will totally devastate me.
Any advise/comments/input?

I believe a positive attitude makes all the difference. What we visualize becomes our reality. You both can live long and happy lives. take care.

Rod Dan:
I think you should pray for the best.
But if he was truly negative he could not have infected you.  If his body had not yet produced enough antibodies he may have been highly infectious but tested negative because there weren't enough antibodies to be detected.
I too hope the two of you will live long happy lives.  I admire the honesty and dedication to one another.


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