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Sex again?


I tested positive in July, started taking Complera and now I am UD. I want to start having sex again but to be honest I am a little scared.

Back in July I had to tell this man that I tested positive. He got tested and tested neg. He says that he loves me and wants to be with me sexually again.

He professes his love daily, but I just don't want the condom to break and expose him again.

Is anyone else here feel that way?

I can understand you feeling that way, especially since you're a new positive. 

I can tell you, I was diagnosed a little over 20 years ago, have had a few relationships, and none of the men tested positive.  And yes, sex was a part of all the relationships. 

Especially if you're undetectable, you probably already know the chances of you passing the virus on are almost nil.  You need to get past this fear.  There's no reason you shouldn't enjoy a fulfilling sex life.  Get on it! Lol.


Thanks Betty. I am beginning to feel better about the idea. We are going out to dinner this week and I will see what happens. This is all so new to me but I am getting there.

Great attitude!  I'm glad you're getting more accepting with the idea.  Once you dive in, you'll get used to it and pretty soon you won't have any reservations; it will just be second nature. 

Continued good fortune!


this is a beautiful thread girls...thanks for saying what you said to each other - it's exactly where i'm at right now. thanks again!


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