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Hi there,

Does anybody know how to delete a profile here? I've been searching in profile setting options and I'm not able to find a way to delete my profile, as I want to leave the forums.

Any help welcome.

BR  8)

hi bud,
i think you can check with one of the administrators, but from what i understand is that they wont delete your profile.  I think thats one of the rules when you sign up for the forum.   i could be wrong though.   

Dear BR...Sorry if something happened to you that turned you off to these forums which have brought compassion, education and support to so many over the years.  Why not just take a step back and avoid this site for now and maybe down the road you will change your mind and return and give and receive HIV support again.  Be well.

P.S.  The moderators will probably move this thread as it is in the AMG section for our annual get togethers so look for your post elsewhere.  Again, you took time to post your numbers and all so maybe you will have a change of heart and decide this is a good source of helping you live with HIV. 


I was under the impression that you can't have a profile deleted, but you CAN edit yours until it says nothing about you, and then stop posting. Your threads and posts will drift to the bottom of the UNREAD list.

I am sorry that this forum has not met your expectations.


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