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Ten days into meds (Truvada and Isentress)

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Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: Newguy on November 10, 2012, 10:36:42 AM ---All of this is great so far but I am not in the clear yet. Until those first lab results say everything is working and everything is fine then I will feel complete relief. That I will know in about three weeks.

--- End quote ---

Medication works. Trust me, as long as you're taking them as directed you will not walk out of your doctor's office with them not working.

To Miss P.

Thanks for the confidence but in addition to the medication working, I need to make sure that my physiology is functioning as it should. I know side effects with bone problems and kidneys tend to be a small minority and in people with a history of problems but I will feel better once results tell me all is well in the internal land of my body.

Thanks for the replies Miss P that is very kind of you.

I am on this combo along with Intelence and absolutely love it.  My first combo in the 20+ years of fighting this virus that hasn't left me as sick as I was before taking the drugs.

You won't know if you're one of the very few who MIGHT develop bone issues as a side affect as it doesn't happen immediately if at all.

I started this particular combo after being hospitalized with Crytococcal Meningitis so I already had migraines and therefore can't speak to that issue.  Even with that deadly diagnosis, I felt better within a few days and became undetectable relatively quick. 

The only side affect I've noticed is if I drink too much, I wake up with a fuzzy feeling.   ;D


diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. They put me on Truvada and Isentress right away. I was doing very bad before treatment (PCP and other issues) these meds have worked wonders with me and I hope they work for you also.
Good luck, it will keep getting better

Ditto to most of the replys.  I am a LTS, 20+ years.  I'm on same with Intelence as well.  These are some of the most powerful drugs around for HIV suppression.  You can probably look forward to many years of Undetectable Viral load and a healthy CD4 count as well. 

Its time to start thinking about the other important issues in your life...don't let this become your life by stressing over potential effects that might happen.  I realize this is easier said then done, but I needed someone to slap me in the face many years ago when I too, was stressing every minute about what might happen.  I have come to realize that I have much to be thankful for and that there are many others who have it much worse than I do. 

You are allowed to be happy!!!


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