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Ten days into meds (Truvada and Isentress)

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Hi everyone

I recently started meds on Nov1 (Truvada and Isentress) and although I was petrified to start I feel amazing! Much better even only ten days into treatment. However there are some side effects I might be experience and I want to ask if anyone has any similar experiences. Of course only my blood work will tell if they are working as well as I hope they are which I will get done in about three weeks.

First off I have slight headaches after taking Isentress but not a major issue at all. It lasts for 45 min or so and then goes away. Lately my lower back has been a bit sore and the other day I had sharp pains in my lower back area but they went away after a day. This might have been to a long distance drive I took so I don't know if they were the meds or not. I also feel slight nausea but I always have so I can't tell if it is the meds or not. Can I expect this well being to continue? Have I passed the window of possible serious adverse side effects? Of course only my blood work will tell but I know people have experience in here so I thought I would ask.


Miss Philicia:
I had headaches like that too for the first few weeks. They go away. Just take some over the counter headache medication in the meantime.

Thanks for the reply Miss P.

I hate to say this but I love these meds, it is unbelievable what they do. Is it a possible to feel such a difference in such a short time? Or is it in my head? I mean even if it is my head that is good too I suppose maybe I can continue to propagate this in my head feeling which is a good one? In terms of sleep and diarrhea absolutely no problems. I hope it continues.

Once again thanks for the reply and all the best to you!

Miss Philicia:
HIV meds tend to suppress the virus fairly quickly for most patients so yes what you are feeling is real.

All of this is great so far but I am not in the clear yet. Until those first lab results say everything is working and everything is fine then I will feel complete relief. That I will know in about three weeks.


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