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New to the Forum HIV pos for a year now.

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Leo;  Sorry you need to be here, but welcome. 

I understand your fears, as I had them too.  As you read and learn about the current meds I think you will find that the side effects you are concerned about won't be an issue.  The irony is that the meds are what keeps us healthy and the virus is more likely to cause wasting - yet we fear the meds. 

I will say that since starting meds myself, I feel much better - I am not as tired, I feel "safer" with my partner, I don't have night sweats as frequently, etc. 

Again, welcome and I wish you well,


I would like to thank all of you for the replies.  A little about myself:  I am 26 from Texas, tall GL guy for the most part (Lol), I work out and I'm active in sports. I'm in the military at the moment, but I wanted to get out to get my masters.  However, the medical benefits have changed my mind about that.  I try to eat healthy when I get the chance.  No pork, mainly chicken and salmon.  I tested neg in Jan. 2011 and then I retested at the end of December.11 and got a positive result in Jan 2012.   My VL was 33,000 and my CD4 was 269.  Then I took another lab and my CD4 was around 400.  That lab was taken a week after the first one from two different doctors.  Sooo, for a while I was confused as to which number was the right number.  In addition, I just needed time to recover from the initial shock of the diagnoses and realize that life goes on.  Now, it's time for me to focus on beating this thing. 

I appreciate the welcomes.  I hope that all is well for all of you. 

welcome  Leo  i live in TX  as well  there are a few of us  scattered around the  state... sent you a PM  ....



What does a poz status mean for someone in the military?  I use to know, but have forgotten.  Is it once you're in, a poz status doesn't kick you out?  If you're poz enlisting, would you not be allowed to enlist?  Or, a poz status doesn't matter either way? 

Anyway, Happy Veterans Day.  Thanks for your service.   


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