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New to the Forum HIV pos for a year now.

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Yes, once you're in you can't get kicked out because of your status.  A poz status means that you can not deploy overseas.  Depending on your health, you can be medically dismissed from the military.   It is considered a disability.  You can not enlist or commission with a poz status.  Those who have it in the military, got it while in the military.


Thank you for the PM.  I tried to respond but I couldn't.  I still need to figure out how to work this site. Lol.

Hi Leo
Now that you've made three posts, you should be able to access/reply to Nick's PM.

Thanks Em. I was wondering what I needed to do to send PMs.

Leo, if you have been deployed to either Iraq or Afganistan then you are considered a combat veteran and cannot be turned down for VA medical benefits. The VA here in houston is fantastic and is were I go. Meds are not free, but cost only 8 bucks per thirty day script.  Welcome to the forums


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