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I applied for SSDI on August 30 and have been mentally preparing myself for a fight.  I lined up an attorney and everything.

Got a letter yesterday indicating I have been approved.

Strange, it was MUCH more difficult 2 years ago when I applied and eventually gave up.

JR Gabbard:
Sometimes it works out that way.  Especially if you have your evidence together before you apply.

You're right.  I think having my doctor onboard with the decision (well, his idea really) made a huge difference.

hey darryaz,

glad it went easy for you this time!
still struggling with the appeal myself.
my docs are all on board and i do have a lawyer but it was a no so far for me in round #1. :(

hope to have a better result in round #2. :)

Best of luck to you Mitch!!


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