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AP Article...waiting! FINALLY...IT'S HERE!!! Take a look-see and listen too..

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Hi Everyone,

My article is due out today, and I'm more than excited about it.  However, I'm getting a bit's not out yet.  I'm anxious to see it and post it for you.  I thought it would have been posted by now, but when I checked last, it wasn't there.  As soon as it appears, I will post the link for you.

The interview was mostly on a personal level - it had to do with the Faces of AIDS and being that this is the 25th Anniversary of AIDS, they are doing a week-long segment.  The first part, due out today, features the Faces of AIDS, and I am one of them.  They are profiling 3 people.  During the interview I touched on quite a few different items that concern me, and I spoke of my thoughts of HIV & living with it for 17 years:  I spoke about my diagnosis back in 1989 and my husband's death; The stigma of HIV and it's impact on my life, which is the most destructive part of it all for me; The lack of prevention education;  The lack of awareness; The complacency and silence over the years; The meds and their side effects, as well as resistance and adherence; The ridiculous price of meds (I even showed the reporter my receipts, which she was appalled at); And I also touched on the complacency & silence of AIDS in the media...  there were other things I mentioned, but my memory fails me at this point. 

As I sat with the reporter in our livingroom while the photographer photographed me (of course I smiled in most of the pics he took -- I'm such a Ham), my nervousness waned quite quickly and I became very comfortable.  I spoke as though I was talking to a close friend or family member.  She was very attentive and I believe she walked away with more knowledge of AIDS than she has ever received. 

I came away from the interview feeling released, relieved and at peace with myself.  I hope to do this again one day... in whatever venue comes my way.

I will post it here as soon as it's out...

Thanks for all your support & love, my AM family.  Love to you all.

HUGS all around...

Trish :-*


All over the morning news today has been about the 25 years ago today they made the first report about AIDS. What really angered me is the reporting was all about Gay, Castro arena in San Francisco. And one woman who said derogatory comments about those of us that has HIV/AIDS.

Twenty-five years and the world is still in the dark!

Looking forward to you interview.



Thank you so much for being 'out' in the world. I admire your brave and courageous spirit !!!
I'm looking forward to reading the interview.


Ooops!   Forgot to include the link.


First, I'd like to say that this article is on a website that is geared toward 18 - 35 year olds.  It is a fairly new site and is a part of Associated Press.

Second, I was not happy with the pictures they used.  Please be nice.... :D  I certainly don't look like a supermodel as Regan Hoffman does in her interview on Good Morning America this morning.  Which was a very nice interview, btw.  "Power" to you Regan.  I'm still awaiting your call... ;D

Third, the article is about living with HIV on a personal perspective.  All the things I spoke about are not exactly in the article, but I was able to educate 2 people (the reporter and photographer) about HIV and all the crap that comes along with it.

And finally, there is an Audio clip included.  Now you all get to hear my voice... YAY!!!

So, without further adieu, I give you the link to my interview...

Edited to add:  Be sure to read the whole article, they go back and forth with each profile.  It's actually separated into 3 sections.  Enjoy!

BRAVA!!!!!!!!  fantastic, trish, Just fantastic!  I'm going to send this to some friends of mine who "just don't get it"...
Love and again, BRAVA!!!!!


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