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Going from Complera to Stribild


For the last 4 months, my viral load has had a slight blip, not much mind you but it's not undetectable.  So my Dr and I discussed and he recommended I move to the new Stribild.  He said although it still requires something to be eaten when you take it, it's not specific in that it needs to be 500ish calories.  He also said that the booster will help keep more of one of the meds in my system. 

I went in yesterday and he drew new labs, I started the Stribild last night.  I really don't notice anything different other than I seem to be a little light headed now and then (not really dizzy) go back in 2 weeks to have my kidneys checked to be sure there isn't too much build up of creatine (?) not sure if that's the right word or not.  Then go back two weeks later and get new labs after being on it for 4 weeks.

Anyone else made the switch?  Has it helped with the lingering low VL?



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