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New here and need some help understanding everything.

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--- Quote from: WindySkies on November 05, 2012, 10:41:31 PM ---I's been an interesting month for me, the toughest part that I'm trying to deal with is the loneliness, I have decided not to tell any family or friends, so my only outlet to share is pretty much this website.

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This must be really hard. I couldn't have handled the last few months without the support of people close to me. Sites like this are useful but are no substitute for a chat with a best friend or a hug off a loved one. If I were you I'd really try hard to tell someone. Obviously I don't know your situation and wouldn't want to judge or guess and wouldn't want to put extra pressure on you, if you do tell though I bet you'll find it not half as bad as you thought and the relief will be amazing.


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