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Cow milk against HIV


Researchers Discover Treated Cow Milk Is Key To HIV Vaccine

"A new research from Australia’s Melbourne University suggests that a type of treated cow’s milk could provide the world’s first HIV vaccine.
Working together with biotechnology company Immuron Ltd., the Australian research team vaccinated pregnant dairy cows with an HIV protein. This injection posed no risk to the cows, as they are unable to contract the disease, according to researchers. After giving birth, the first milk produced by the cows was found to contain HIV-disabling antibodies."

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I don't get too excited about that but I thought I post it anyway. Oh, and that article is from Nigeria...  :)
It's no news that a mammal produces antibodies against HIV when exposed to the virus. Each of us has plenty of different antibodies against HIV. The problem is that they kill only a small fraction of the virus particles. The only antibodies that are really exciting are the broadly neutralizing ones.
The article doesn't mention anything about the effectiveness of their antibodies. I also find it confusing that they talk about a vaccine in the headline but at the end of the article they say they want to use this for a microbicide that is applied into the vagina to protect women.

Holiest of holy cows!

Here's an even better article on the research --

I hope they milk it for all it's worth. AND, that it's efficacious.

Nasty Weather:
The Comments on the Daily Mail link are maddening :-\

oh...didn't read them, I'll go back and check them out.

yep. I agree.

After reading the DailyMail comments, I will quote a satiric phrase:  "Oh, what a lovely bunch of coconuts."


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