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From negative to AIDS

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--- Quote from: bobsmth on November 05, 2012, 03:08:24 PM ---Hi, I'm new here so hope I'm in the right place. Just need to vent I guess.
I've just recently tested positive. I have had regular hiv testing about every three months. the most recent negative test was on the 2nd of October.
I can't believe what my first hiv labs were. I was confirmed positive on the 19th of October and on the 29th of October my CD4s are 206, 12.2%, with VL at 57,000.
Anyone else go from testing negative to Aids that fast?

--- End quote ---

Hi, Bob.  Very curious about a few things here.  You had a negative result on the 2nd of last month, but a positive confirmation on the 19th?  That's only 17 days in between.  You said that you were getting tested every three months (which is more frequent than most), but here you were tested less than 3 weeks apart.  Wondering how you came to get tested again so fast. 

And to go from a positive result to not only having a Western Blot confirmation, but a complete set of labs within 10 days of that first result...well, that's pretty remarkable turn around.

I had gone to my family Dr. for flu like symptoms (possibly primary infection) about the first of September. When it didn't clear up right away the dr. ordered a cbc lab which had some abnormalities: low sodium and something else that didn't mean anything to me. Meanwhile I was feeling back to normal and the Dr. scheduled a follow up labs for the first of October. His labs didn't include HIV, I got that test independently(was negative).However his tests showed a very low platelet count. Two weeks or so passed and he suggested I test for Leukemia and HIV. Thats when I tested positive.

And this family doctor told you that you have "AIDS"? 

OK thanks for your PM! 

I think you're dealing with a heavy, and frankly depressing diagnosis, pretty much like a lot of people do.  So try not to burden yourself too much with the worst case scenarios, or dated scenarios, which really don't apply.  As I said in my reply, via PM.

It is what it is.  But probably it's not AIDS...   

Anyway, welcome to forum and sorry you had to get an HIV diagnosis, of course!

Going from negative to AIDS in a month or so may not be completely accurate. The disclaimer for an AIDS diagnosis is usually that you have to have low numbers AND a corresponding opportunistic infection.  Lab results during seroconversion are generally pretty bad, but it has been widely observed that people begin to regulate months later, known as homeostasis. It seems as if the virus aggressively attacks the immune system in the beginning, while wildly replicating, and then retreats after some time has passed.  Your body also begins to produce antibodies, which obviously can't destroy the virus, but may help in controlling it to some degree. Either way, the body generally adapts, and a new baseline is established after the acute phase.

The silver lining in all of this is that you found out early. If you maintain medical treatment and initiate a drug regimen that you can stick to for life (or at least, for now), you are likely giving your immune system an excellent opportunity to fight this infection. 

I went through this crap last year. My numbers were atrocious (see below), and I couldn't understand how I had progressed to AIDS within two weeks of being infected. But, the more I read and talked with my doctor, the more it made sense about how the virus comes on strong in the acute phase and during seroconversion.

Four things I suggest doing:
1) Seek out an HIV specialist or infectious diseases doctor.
2) Seriously contemplate starting on medication.
3) Ask about prophylaxis, such as Bactrim, to prevent infections while your numbers are still low. The prophylaxis drugs are dropped once the numbers improve.
4) Read about it. A lot. Ask questions. And, check the dates of the information posted online. I find that nothing pertaining to HIV treatment written before 2005 or 2006 is really relevant anymore. has a section called "ask the experts." I've run many questions past the doctors on that site, and if it's a question they can answer, I usually get an answer within a day or two.

Be well, and take good care of your self.

I had a somewhat similar experience, you can see my numbers below.

Even thou I can not say for sure when I was infected and a itty bitty small chance of false negative in 2011 my guess is that I seroconverted in November 2011 given I spent a nite in the hospital for stomach ache and throwing up 24/7.

Given my viral load when i tested poz I was not in acute phase.

Im doing well now, I was also never sick and havent feel bad aside from adjusting to the meds (which took me a good 2 months), my other labs are normal and I urge you to chill out , take a deep breath and believe that things will be ok.   


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