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From negative to AIDS

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Hi, I'm new here so hope I'm in the right place. Just need to vent I guess.
I've just recently tested positive. I have had regular hiv testing about every three months. the most recent negative test was on the 2nd of October.
I can't believe what my first hiv labs were. I was confirmed positive on the 19th of October and on the 29th of October my CD4s are 206, 12.2%, with VL at 57,000.
Anyone else go from testing negative to Aids that fast?

Hi there.
Sorry about your diagnosis and hope you are doing ok.  You'll get some great info and advice here.

Being diagnosed with HIV doesn't mean you automatically have AIDS.  HIV is the virus that can lead to AIDS.   

I'm new as well and have a similar story as you.

I was neg June 25, but tested Positive on Aug 31. 
My CD4 was mid 300's, 5% and VL about 6 million. 
Technically though I didn't have AIDS. 

You have a CD4 of 206.  From what I've been told and read, technically an AIDS diagnosis would include a CD4 of 200 or below plus an opportunistic infection. I know that's only 6 points off so does that technically mean it's not an AIDS diagnosis?

From a strict data perspective maybe not but i'm curious as well.
Maybe some of the more experienced folks on here can comment.
Glad you found the forum.

Actually your viral load isn't all that high. As for your cd4 count, well that would depend on your count prior to infection and since nobody has that count done until they are diagnosed you do not know what normal is for doc can give you answers.

 Btw-Welcome to the forums..

Okay thanks for the support and info.

Welcome here.  Sorry you seroconverted.
Did some one tell you that, that you have AIDS?  Who?
What does that mean to you?
It seems far too early for a doctor to tell you you have AIDS!  You are in acute infection if you tested NEGATIVE just a few weeks ago.

It is 2012.  If you need drugs quick, so be it. If in a few months, your system resets all right, you won't need drugs.... Until you need them.

As long as you have medical care, and access to meds when you need them, there is NO REASON to think you are going to have AIDS, in some dated "understanding" or "definition" of what that means. 

If you have a momentary low point of CD4, during acute infection, this does NOT mean you have AIDS.   


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