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Vit C 1000MG

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How high of a dose?

It was many years ago above a 1000mg I think but not sure it made me wary of mega doses of vitamins.

I just read this on wikipedia

There is a longstanding belief among the mainstream medical community that vitamin C causes kidney stones, which seems based little on science.[26] Although some individual recent studies have found a relationship,[27] there is no clear relationship between excess ascorbic acid intake and kidney stone formation.[28]

Here we have Vitamine C sold in a 1.000 mg dosis.  My doc also told me an excedent is eliminated with urine because of its water solubility and it has no side effects...

But you should ask to your doc if you really need it...

It is my understanding (from many conversations with my herbalist friend) that with any autoimmune disease you want to avoid taking anything that will activate the immune system, such as high doses of vitamin c, as this helps that auto immune disease more than it helps the person.

I take a multi vigilant every day, with a calcium and vitamin d, and fish oil with my atripla everyday.

I am by no means an expert on the topic of health, but I am a firm believer in Vitamin C. One of the first champions of vitamin C (Linus Pauling) did die of cancer, he was pretty old at that time. I believe that it being water soluable means that you would have to take EXTREME amounts to be hazardous. I take about 2000 mg a day and find that in this point in my life that I suffer from very few illnesses whereas I had frequent infections as a child. I would consult with a doctor as to how it might affect the efficacy of your medication. They should be your primary source of information. However, just from my perspective, I love Vitamin C. Even if it is just a placebo effect, I still appreciate how it makes me "think" that I am healthier. I actually use the color of my urine to know if I am taking "too much" and cut back.


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