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--- Quote from: devilnuts on December 02, 2012, 06:45:20 AM ---
I would consult with a doctor as to how it might affect the efficacy of your medication. They should be your primary source of information.

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Vitamin C will not interfere with the efficacy of hiv meds. If you would feel better asking your doctor about it, by all means do so.

Haha...Ann, I ask my doctor about anything and everything. He would hate it when I would come in with the list of vitamins, herbal suppliments, and workout stacks I was taking. Hey, he wanted to know EVERYTHING that I was taking...haha.


--- Quote from: devilnuts on December 02, 2012, 03:38:47 PM ---
list of vitamins, herbal suppliments, and workout stacks I was taking.

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Vitamins aren't a problem for poz people - unless one is overdosing, but overdosing on vitamins is bad for anyone.

Herbal are another matter and when one is poz, caution and care must be taken whether hiv meds are in the picture or not. Some, notably echinacea and St. John's wort, should not be taken by anyone who is poz regardless of hiv meds.

Anyone who is poz should let their doctor know what prescription medications, supplements, herbals or over-the-counter meds they are taking, whether or not they are also taking hiv meds. If you don't let them know, they can't do their job properly.

I think that warning goes for anyone, Ann. Not just those on HIV meds. You can even have a bad reaction just from mixing over the counter drugs and homeopathic remedies. So that is why I was so careful about telling my doctor. He thought it was a good thing even if he was a little annoyed that I put every little thing down to the type of protein shake I was taking. HAHA.

It's true that overdoing the vitamin regimen can do harm.  When I was first diagnosed, my daily regimen included green tea extract, selenium, maitake mushroom tincture, carnitine, biotin, vitamin C, stress B complex, turmeric, Vitamin D, calcium, CoQ10, flax seed oil, fish oil, probiotic yogurt, carrot juice, lemon juice with olive oil, red wine and dark chocolate.  Every day.
My liver enzymes were 5X the normal rate.  I had to cut out the green tea extract, selenium, carnitine, maitake mushroom tincture and pro-biotics.  My liver enzymes are now at a normal level.


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