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Just curious about taking more Vit C along with my Atripla and Centrum Vit. My centrum has only 60MG of Vit C in it so I was going to take extra. Any thoughts on taking more Vit C from more exp. people on this forum? Thanks

42 views in the nutrition & HIV section so I reposted it in the Living with HIV section. any ideas?

A lot of times, people click on the thread hoping to see an answer instead of posting a response.  I would like to know the answer and I take neither Atripla or vitamins.

Hope you get an answer soon.


As i understand it, vitamin C is water-soluble, so you will excrete the excess vitamin C in your urine.  It may be a good idea to pair your vitamin C with a Stress-B complex, along with vitamin D and calcium, which work well together in absorption. 

1000 mg of Vitamin C isn't extreme, but it may be prudent to supplement with 500mg at first, for a few weeks, just to be sure that there are no side effects, such as itchiness.

I can relate to the feeling of having to make up for lost time when it comes to your health, but incremental changes are the best way for you and your MD to detect abnormalities, or benefits, in your health.

A friend of mine took high doses of Vitamin C and developed kidney stones.


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