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If memory serves (and it does) that famous night in Seattle, I never made it out of the too many Manhattans!  Somehow the voice of reason came over me as the group contemplated that hill climb and I staggered back to my room.  Quite amusing to hear the tales the next morning (especially Jan!)


Hi all...haven't been around much, but it just crossed my mind to check out the AMG for this year, and what do you'll be in my backyard.

Will definitely be keeping up as events unfurl.  Would be great to see everyone again, and meet those I haven't previously met.



Love to meet everyone.  On business trip in late June in Chicago


--- Quote from: Fisher on December 14, 2012, 10:50:36 PM ---Love to meet everyone.  On business trip in late June in Chicago

--- End quote ---

It will be great to see you too Fisher.


Mim asked just yesterday where "we" were going to meet "her" friends next year.  Now I can tell her.  After last year, I'm reluctant to commit either way.

 We did have every intention of making it last year, but my father was involved in a horrific accident on 4/15 that left him hospitalized for 68 days. Because my mom never left my dad, we had to care for their home, animals, garden, and 42 acre yard (think mowing and haying).  Even though dad was out of the hospital before AMG, he was still in a wheel chair, with use of only 1 arm, and I couldn't ask my mom to care for the other 5 children in addition to my father.  Last week, dad had his 14th (and prayerfully last) surgery.  He's doing much better.  We will see how this year plays out.  Here's hoping we get to see you all again.

 WARNING: by AMG 2013, Mim will be a teenager (and probably as tall as Jody)!!


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