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Jeff G:
I'm OK with any date selected but I would like to have the discussion and see how many of the actual people who will attend would not be able to make it if AMG were to be held in a month where the weather is cooler , it sure would make for a more enjoyable AMG and perhaps add a few more destinations for consideration next time also .

It cant hurt to discuss it I suppose .

I'm rather flexible.  July, August or September doesn't make too much of a difference for me. 

Honestly, with enough lead time, I can make almost anytime work.  Which is why I didn't give any specific time.  Sid and I have plans from 7/6-7/11, but otherwise, July, Aug, Sept (hell Oct, Nov too) are feasible for me.
Given my flexibility I don't like to add a "vote" -- I know others have stronger preferences (for whatever reason) and if we can accomodate a majority, great by me.


I agree that  San Francisco was a  great time and a great  crowd... but am open to most  dates that are not  in the  Winter...just cant see going to where it is  cold/rainy .   so June, July,Aug or  Sept is fine with me


I am also open to most any time as well.  I just recall we have some that must travel before mid August.  I am also sensitive to Santi's dilemma as well.  I hope we can sort this out in the next few weeks.  A "perfect time" will be almost impossible to achieve.

Gary (overseas at the moment in northern Spain...Burgos to be precise!)


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