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Last night, i dreamt i was in the middle of the ocean.......

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- and sinking since i couldn't swim. The other night i dreamt i was in a cult and trying to escape but couldn't. It was scary.  My dreams with atripla started nice and happy,  but during the last week they have gotten darker and i wake up full of dread.  I sleep through the night after taking the pill at midnight but when i wake up at eight in the morning, i am soo tired i can barely move my body. My mood has also changed and i find myself snapping at people a lot more.

Seven weeks into Atripla, with the viral undetectable, and a little more energy than i had before starting i was getting used to it and feeling hopeful since once a day was working well for me, but i don't know whether i can take any more of these dreams. Has anyone experienced this?

Jeff G:
I'm on atripla and have the vivid dreams . I have come to the decision that as long as atripla is working for me I'm going to stay on it . If you cant handle the side effects then by all means discuss it with your doctor , there are probably more combos for you if you want to make the change . You didn't say if you have any resistance issues that might limit you , so if you can take any of the other combos and cant adjust to atripla its your choice .

I'm sure you already know not to eat a fatty meal or snack 2 hours before taking your meds ?

I have been asleep at the movies or as I call it the "Sustiva Cinema" for over a decade.  Since I have always had vivid dreams from a child, Sustiva simply added 3-D and surround sound to the nighttime experience.

Yes I am on Atripla and my dreams are very vivid. It really seems like your really there much more then dreams use to.  It's actually really cool when it is a good dream. Have not had a really bad dream so far though hopefully that continues. But vivid dreams seams to be a very common side effect.

Rev. Moon:
Sustiva can have quite a nasty effect on some people.  I never had any crazy dreams that I can blame on this particular combo.  I do have nightmares rather often, but they had occurred long before the HIV and they seem to be stress related. 

I do have a friend whose situation with Sustiva became so unbearable that he had to demand a new combo.  It wasn't a once a day kinda pill, but he regained his sleep and felt less paranoia and anxiety after he made the switch. 

After seven weeks of being on Atripla you should have experienced a decrease in side effects.  If they are as intense as you think that they are then you may need to have a conversation with your doctor.  There's no need to endure nightmares and discomfort just so that you can stay on a one-pill type of regimen. There are other options and you need be an active participant and decision maker when it comes to your treatment.

Best of luck.


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